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Robin Roberts



Robin’s love for street racing began with his first car, a 1972 Challenger.  He would street race all over Kansas driving from town to town to see who wanted some action. This led to some unfortunate events where he became well known to many local law enforcement districts across Kansas and Oklahoma.

He decided to get out of Dodge (literally) when he moved from Dodge City shortly after college to seek bigger career opportunities in Arizona. That opportunity started with rebuilding mining engines as a diesel tech, then working his way up the ladder in a large, diverse, 16 state company to become Chief Operating Officer. 

While in Arizona, he and his friends built a Trans Am affectionately known as The Mighty T/A and he began working his way up the street racing scene of Phoenix eventually sitting at the top for many years. Robin began to dabble on the track taking his street car to a 2nd place finish in Hot Rod Magazines Pump Gas Drags. Robin and The Mighty T/A made Hot Rod TV along with several big magazine appearances including the cover of High-Performance Pontiac! These were the pinnacles of street car success before Discovery Channel brought us the hit tv show Street Outlaws.

Next came a move to Kansas City in 2015 where Robin made a career altering decision to risk it all and purchase Central Power Systems & Services. Business is good! This connection is why you will see the logo on the cars, shirts, and media. If you love the racing, give the company some love too.

Street Outlaws made the underground street racing we love mainstream, reinvigorating drag racing as a whole. Following a lifelong passion to race street cars with the best, our ‘68 Firebird, High Voltage, was created to make a run to the top of the sport. Today, the Robin Roberts Racing Team has become a proven contender at every race in which they compete. Street or No Prep - doesn’t matter! Now we have grown to two race cars, adding another ’68 Firebird.  This car, named High Velocity, was built to be the ultimate track car that will take your breath away with her beauty and speed. High Voltage is now dedicated to street racing duty. 

Robin Roberts Racing is a race team built from long lasting relationships. Allen Bruflodt (Crew Chief for the team) and Robin met while street racing in Arizona more than 20 years ago. Allen has become the man behind the machines whose results are undeniable. Brian Sauser (lead tech for the team) and Robin have known each other since high school. It is common to see techs from Central Power Systems & Services working on the car. Allen has grown to be one of the best tuners in the game, and the team has continuously improved in all racing aspects. Melody Roberts and Terra Bruflodt are an intricate part of the team! We would have it no other way.   

We have a long history of racing success! We are blessed to have a stable of good cars for whatever races we choose to attack. High Voltage and High Velocity, the pair of ’68 Big Tire Firebirds, are built for all out racing. The Mighty T/A is currently in small tire build mode, and Melody’s 2019 Mustang, Sexy Beast, is just that… we will only add from there!


Check the cars out here on our site - order a shirt if you love what we do, and feel free to drop a note if you wish. God Bless America!



High Voltage

  • 1968 Firebird

  • Proline Hemi

  • Centrifugal Supercharger


High Velocity

1968 Firebird  •

Proline Hemi  •

Centrifugal Supercharger  •


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